Tonga National Centre for Women and Children has been one of the grantees for the Regional Rights Resource Team Small Grants Project in its Phases 1 and 2. TNCWC's work towards minimizing domestic violence and providing support towards women whom are victims of violence has always been inclusive of awareness workshops to increase the knowledge of communities and gatekeepers regarding Human Rights, Gender Equality and its linkage to Domestic Violence. TNCWC understands and strongly believes that Gender Inequality is the hugest contributing factor to domestic violence in the Tongan context. 


Throughout the years, TNCWC carried out its awareness workshops in different communities in the main island, Tongatapu and always had a goal of reaching out to the communities in the outer islands. Because of the limited funds available to support this goal, it did not happen. 


However, since its partnership with RRRT, TNCWC reached this goal. The small grant received through this initiative enabled TNCWC to travel to the islands of Ha'apai and Vava'u and successfully implemented awareness workshops in a total of 6 communities. 

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