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The opportunity presented through the Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) Project is for access to income generating opportunities. Selected women are trained according to their various economic visions which is inclusive of informal and formal employment. Women who wishes to start a business are trained and upskilled in various skills of interests like Sewing, Fabric Printing, Cooking, Product Design and so much more. To ensure that they are able to successfully run their businesses, they are also provided with trainings on Financial Literacy, Budgetting for Home & Business, Business Basics, Costing & Pricing, etc. 


Other women conveys a need to be in formal employment. Through the WEE Project, TNCWC identifies areas in these women that needs upskilling for employment and links them to relevant trainings. TNCWC then acts as a broker to paid employment by linking these women to available job opportunities. 


TNCWC not only hopes to empower these women to the point of economic independency, but to also allows for decision-making on family financial matters, enhanced communication and leadership skills with increased knowledge of women's rights, gender equality and its linkage to domestic violence. It is the ultimate vision of this project that economically empowering women would result in minimal domestic or gender-based violence. 



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